Events / 2016

Landscapes of Water

Summer School

Location: Critical Concrete – Social & Sustainable Architecture Porto, Portugal

Date: 15-19 August, 2016

How do water resources come and leave our cities? CUW is invited to discuss with the students how water is mobilized from different distant areas located outside the boundaries of the city, and transformed into commodity to sustain contemporary urban life. Tracing water flows will be used to reflect on not only the growing consumption and dependence on water in cities, and the expansion of the resource frontier, but also the invisible impacts on the environment and the struggles of marginalized populations.

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Contested Waters // Umkämpftes Wasser

Speisekino / Food and Footage

Location: Zentrum für Kust und Urbanistik (ZK/U), Berlin
Date: 10 June, 2016

CUW curates a series of short documentaries follow the flows of water through different uneven waterscapes in Colombia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and Kenya. They explore how disadvantaged communities are being affected by conditions of extreme water abundance or “socially” produced scarcity, and excluded from adequate and affordable water supply services. The series also addresses the invisible everyday struggles of marginalized groups to secure access to this essential resource.


¡O Comemos o Pagamos! – Either We Eat or We Pay
Marcela López / Miodrag Kuč, Colombia / Germany, 22 min, 2015

Über Wasser – About Water
Udo Maurer, Austria / Luxembourg, 82 min, 2007

Screening includes a Q&A with directors Marcela López & Miodrag Kuč.