Ecología Política de la Urbanización

Investigación urbana y rural en Perú y América Latina

International Conference

Date: 6 and April, 2022

The aim of this international conference is to present recent advances in urban research from a urban political ecology (UPE) approach, and to discuss its challenges and perspectives in the short and medium term.

Marcela López was invited to present her work on prepaid water systems in Colombia and the potentials and limitation of using an urban political ecology perspective.

In a panel, the following questions were discussed:

What are the challenges in studying urbanisation processes and their relationship with nature in Latin America?

What is the relevance of UPE in urban and rural studies in Latin America, and how does it differ from the theoretical proposal put forward in the global North?

What are the pending issues to be studied in UPE in Latin America?

The event was organized by Urbes-Lab