Events / 2014

Waterscapes: Forms, Meanings and Transformations


Location: Gallery of Contemporary Art Paul Bardwell, Colombo Americano Medellín, Colombia

Date: 7-14 of April, 2014

CUW creates and curates an exhibition around the concept of “Waterscapes”. This concept is discussed together activists, academics, NGO members, staff of the utility company, and artists by following the flows of water through three different and contrasting waterscapes: (1) Unaffordable urban waters, (2) hydroelectric megaprojects, and (3) rural territories. This exhibition invites us to ask: How are water resources managed? Who makes decisions, what is decided? Who wins? Who loses? The program will consist of guided tours and lectures.

In collaboration with the artist Carolina Caycedo, and the anthropologist and photographer Jorge E. David Higuita.

From Continuos Flow to Prepaid Drops

Location: Haus der Architektur, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Date: 24 of June, 2017

Part of the “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2017”

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Medellín – Human Right on Water

Location: German Pavilion of the UN-HABITAT III Conference in Quito, Ecuador
Date: 15 – 20 of October, 2016

Part of the exhibition “Planetary Urbanism: The Transformative Power of Cities”

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